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Obama's Outlook on Taxes

Obama And Taxes

Barrack Obama's tax plan includes the idea that the state of the economy calls for tax relief, especially to lower and middle class families. Tax cuts would also apply to small business to ensure that they could contribute to job growth by hiring new employees or keeping the ones they currently have. Overall, the tax breaks in Barrack Obama's tax plan would be aimed at providing a boost to the economy.

Obama and taxes have provided a wealth of controversy. The wealthy fear that they will become responsible for a larger portion of the tax burden, while the middle and lower class feel that they will be unfairly taxed as well.

Obama and taxes have also included controversy over the programs that will receive a cut in funding, such as Medicare which will see no cost of living increase this year.

The tax cuts proposed under the plan, include tax breaks to working individuals and working couples. Seniors would also receive large tax breaks, especially the lower and middle class.

There are also proposals in which those families that are sending children to college, would receive a tax break for the years that those children are enrolled as full time students. In addition, those that are uninsured would also receive tax cuts until the new health care system is in effect.

The goal of Barrack Obama's tax plan is to stimulate the economy by providing the lower and middle class with more money to spend, as well as more money to save.

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