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Deferring and Reducing Capital Gains Taxes

Deferring Reducing

There are several ways that investors can lower their capital gains rate of taxes. Whenever possible, investors should take part in long term investments. Long term investments must be held by the investor for at least three hundred and Sixty five days after the date that the investment was purchased.

The day of purchase does not count toward the year. If however, investors sell an investment before that year is up, they will likely have to pay a capital gains rate of taxes that matches their income tax rate. Investors can offset their capital gains rate of taxes by deducting any capital losses. In addition, investors can defer taxes by utilizing the Section 1031 Exchange. There are many ways that investors can reduce or defer capital gain taxes, but their method will depend on their specific circumstances.

When deducting capital losses to adjust a capital gains rate of taxes, investments must be of a similar length. Short term capital losses can be subtracted from short term capital gains and long term capital losses can be subtracted from long term capital gains. The Section 1031 Exchange allows investors to defer capital gain taxes if they take specific actions with the income from their investment. Investors must take their total profit, or capital gain, and invest that money into a similar property, or property that is of similar value to that which was sold.

However, many experts warn that it can be extremely difficult to find a similar property as a replacement, especially when it is a business. Investors must also find a similar structure, of the same value, within one hundred and eighty days from the date that they made a profit from the other property. In addition to making the purchase within that time frame, there are other rules investors must follow in order to lower their capital gains rate of taxes or to defer those taxes. However, savvy investors should become aware of all of the rules that govern allowances for deferment on capital gains taxes.

In order for investors to defer or reduce their capital gains taxes, they must examine federal and state tax laws that apply to their specific circumstances. Each investor will have circumstances that differ, which means that different laws may apply. In addition, capital gain rate of taxes will vary according to an individuals income, if the profit was made from a short term investment. In order to reduce capital gains taxes, investors must keep records to be sure that they take full deductions for capital gain losses.

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