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Motor Tax Explained

Motor Tax

Motor Tax Online is a service that the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government provides over the internet in order to allow residents of Ireland to pay their motor tax over the internet.

According to the Motor Tax Online website, private cars, motorcycles, agricultural tractors, excavators, diggers, combine harvesters, hearse, vehicles that have been modified to be used by individuals with disabilities, some motor caravans, and vintage/veteran vehicles can have their motor tax paid online.

In order to pay the motor tax online, the individuals will need a personal identification number, the vehicle’s identification number, vehicle insurance detail (such as the name of the insurer, policy number, and expiry date), and information related to the payment method that will be used (Visa, MasterCard, Laser, or pre-paid voucher).

The Personal Identification Number, or PIN, needed to pay the motor tax is provided on the renewal/reminder notice that is sent out when the person needs to pay a new motor tax.

Since a system has been instituted in the United Kingdom that assesses a fine if the motor tax is not paid within a month of the previous one expiring, the account will be held in arrears. When paying through the Motor Tax Online site, an individual is permitted to pay as many as three months’ worth of arrears. After three months, the PIN will become invalid, forcing the person to pay their motor tax through a local motor tax office

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