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Using a Tax Disc in the UK

Tax Disc

In the United Kingdom, a tax disc is a paper disc that is displayed on the windscreen or wind shield of a motor vehicle in order to demonstrate that the Vehicle Excise Duty, which is commonly albeit incorrectly known as the road tax, has been paid for that particular vehicle.

The current tax disc holder is not allowed by law to transfer ownership of the tax disc associated with the vehicle in their possession.

Under regulations established by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, a current tax disc holder can apply to renew their tax disc online or over the phone. This means that a person will be allowed to drive a vehicle with an expired tax disc for five business days, in order to allow time for the new tax disc to arrive through first class post.

In the event an individual decides not to renew a tax disc, they will be automatically charged an 80 pound penalty if they do not purchase a new tax disc within one month after the previous tax disc expires. A tax disc holder also has the alternative to apply for a Statutory Off- Road Notification if they will not be driving the vehicle on public roads.

However, in the event an individual drives a vehicle bearing a Statutory Off- Road Notification on a public road, they will be subject to the same punishments as if they were driving a vehicle without a tax disc.

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