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The Job of a Customs Officer

Customs Officer

A customs officer is a professional who works under the regulations of a nation’s customs agency. The customs officer is well versed in legal issues regarding the entrance of individuals and items into a nation, like the United States.

These individuals must know the credentials needed in order to permit individuals into the nation; they must keep up on the changing laws regarding the customs office; have a clear and comprehensive knowledge of the items that are considered safe for entrance, which ones require fees, and which items are altogether prohibited.

A customs officer is sworn to uphold that nation’s security by understanding and implementing the rules and regulations under the customs office. One of the most important areas of facilitation that are necessary regarding customs is the inspection of imported goods into the nation.

This is where a customs officer will take a look at the shipment of goods that is being brought in; the officer must make sure it is not on a list of banned items, and that it is sealed properly, in order to keep all individuals who come in contact safe. If there are a fees that go along with the specific goods that are being brought in, the fee must be paid to the Customs officer before the shipment is allowed to be moved.

Besides large scale shipments of goods, Customs officers can also deal with individuals who are coming into the nation bring items from outside of the country; checking to make sure they only have permissible or fee-required items, and confiscating those that are forbidden from entrance into the nation.

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