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What You Should Know About Duties


Duty is a charge that is placed on items either existing in or coming into the United States.

Duty Background

A duty is a charge that is institute by a government or by an authoritative agency over goods or items that are coming into or are currently in a country. Often there are particular restrictions on items, limiting the quantity of items an individual can bring into the nation. Often, items that incur duty charges are tobacco products, alcohols, and gifts purchased in other nations.

Duty Free

Duty free refers to items that do not have duty charges imposed on them; throughout various nations there are duty free shops, in which the items sold do not have national or regional taxes on them. This is often considered one of the more appealing aspects of traveling.

Duty Free Shop

A duty free shop is a store that does not tax the items that are in it; these can be found in various countries around the world. However, the purchasing of items at a duty free shop can often lead to charges on the items later on, when an individual is attempting to re-enter a nation.

Dubai Duty Free

Dubai is one of the premiere locations for duty free shopping; the Dubai duty free market is one of the largest, quality duty free shopping areas around the world. All of the finest items can be purchased duty free in Dubai.

Import Duty

An import duty is a charge that is imposed on items that are being brought into the nation; the customs agency requires payment before imports can be distributed throughout the United States.

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