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Iowa State Tax

Iowa State Tax

FULL List to Iowa Tax Forms

Individual Tax Forms:

Form IA 1040 Individual Income Tax Form (Long)

Form IA 1040A Individual Income Tax Short Form

Form IA 1040V Iowa Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher

Corporation Tax Forms

Form IA 1120X Iowa Amended Corporation Income Tax Return

Form IA 1120S Iowa Income Tax Return for S Corporations

Form IA 1120 Iowa Corporation Income Tax Return Long Form

Form IA 706 Iowa Inheritance Estate Tax Return

Sales Tax Forms

Form 31014 Sales Tax Exemption Certificate

Form 32022 Return

Form 32024 Consumer Use Tax Return

Form 32022 Retail Use Tax

Form 31-01-4b Iowa Sales Tax Exemption Certificate

Property Tax Forms

Form Real Estate Transfer - Declaration of Value

Form 1154130 Rent Reimbursement Claim

Form 1154001 Iowa Property Tax Credit Claim

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