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Know The IRS Refund Schedule

Irs Refund

After filing IRS taxes a person may receive a refund if too much money has been taken from their pay check over the course of the year. Currently, most IRS tax filing is done through the internet.

To determine when a refund is going to be mailed out a person needs to verify that their taxes have in fact been filed properly.

This can be done by checking the status of your filing on the internet. If an IRS refund is approved, then the refund will be mailed out on a certain day. Although no date is guaranteed, an IRS refund schedule can be based off of when a person submits their taxes.

Generally an IRS refund schedule can vary anywhere from one week to three weeks. The IRS refund schedule can vary due to whether or not a person is expecting a direct deposited refund, where the money will go directly from the IRS into the individual’s checking account, or if they are expecting the refund to come in a paper check form.

Due to mailing time, a paper check generally takes longer to receive than the direct deposit. Another idea to consider when thinking about an IRS refund schedule is when a person submitted their taxes; during high volume tax times it may take longer for a check or a direct deposit to be sent out to the individuals who have filed. Regardless of the type of preferred refund or the date submitted, it is important to check the statuses of one’s taxes to verify everything has been submitted properly and approved.

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