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Understanding the IRS Tax Tables

Irs Tax Tables

IRS tax tables can assist people when they are attempting to determine their taxes. Tax tables can be completed by looking at the forms that a person fills when they are filing for their taxes. By filling out these forms properly, a person can calculate their taxes to clarify how much is owed to them, or how much they owe to, the government.

Generally, a person will either use a 1040EZ, a 1040A, or a 1040 when they are filling out their taxes. Listed on all of these forms is a line which if entered into the tax tables will be able to generate the amount that will be owed by them or owed to them. The lines to be entered are as followed: line 39 on the 1040 form, line 25 of the 1040A form, and line 6 on the 1040EZ form.

IRS tax tables can be found and downloaded on the website. These forms can be accessed electronically or can be printed and filled out. On the website a complete list of directions is available to help individuals fill out the different tab tables depending on the forms completed. Also included on the tax tables are examples to help clarify the directions and avoid any confusion.

IRS tax tables can be especially helpful for those who are waiting for a refund from the government or for those who are attempting to figure out any bills or payments for the upcoming year.

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