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Making a Career Out of Audit Employment

Audit Employment

An auditor is a specific type of accountant. Auditors’ main job is to check a company’s financial records to ensure they are in fact tell the truth and not acting illegally.

When looking at a career in audit an undergraduate bachelor’s degree in accounting is needed. Currently, many auditing agencies recommend for those who are interested in audit employment to look into receiving their master’s degree. It is also encouraged to become a CPA, Certified Public Accountant, if one is interested in careers in audit.

Careers in auditing require for a person to be very detailed and thorough. Generally an auditor will spend hours making sure that financial records are present and accounted for and that the information is true, legal, and not hiding any other information.

Audit employment is growing. It has been said that there will be a 22% increase in the audit employment rate from 2008 until 2018 due to the growth in the economy and more businesses being created as well as the need for compliance of these companies.

In most cases, careers in auditing are self-employed, however, they can be part of a firm. Salary can range anywhere from just under $45,000 to just over $57,000 during the first four years of employment. If an auditor has over 10 years’ experience they could be making over $75,000 annually.

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