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A Full Guide to Audit Procedures

Audit Procedures

There are many different types of auditing that an individual or a company may be faced with, however, generally audit procedures will be similar.

Developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountant, a list of 10 auditing standards has become quite popular when wondering about the many audit procedures. The 10 auditing standards have been broken down into three subcategories: general standards, standards of field work, standards of reporting, and, consisting of general standards, and standards of field.

The auditing standards include:

Ø General Standards

§ The auditor must have technical training

§ The auditor must maintain an independent, non-bias attitude

§ The auditor must use professionalism during the performance and when preparing the report

Ø Standards of Field Work

§ The auditor must plan the work and properly supervise others

§ The auditor must have a clear understanding the entity and its environment

§ The auditor must obtain sufficient audit evidence by performing audit procedures

Ø Standards of Reporting

§ The auditor must state whether the finical statements were presented with accepted accounting principles

§ The auditor must identify circumstances which principles have not been consistently observed in the specific time period

§ The auditor must determine information that is disclosed as not reasonable adequate

§ The auditor must express their own opinion about the overall audit

These auditing standards allow for individuals being audited, or those interested in becoming an auditor to understand the different audit procedures that they must face and clearly understand.

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