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All The Facts on Audit Reports

Audit Report

An audit report is a complete documentation and/or disclaimer of an audit that has been conducted either as an internal audit or as and external audit. An audit report is provided to the company or individual being audited as well as any company that they may have falsely claimed something to. Audit reports can also be provided to the general public.

Audit reports are important to those who are revealing financial information to other business or individuals. This can be helpful when applying for loans, looking for new investors, or even trying to gain the eye of the public. An audit report may contain the opinion and views of the person who conducted the audit and created the audit report.

Since many people may only feel comfortable undergoing in an internal audit, an internal audit report will also be created based on the information discovered in the audit. An internal audit helps a company to clarify if any mistakes were made in their audit. Internal audit reports will clearly list any issues discovered and include the original meaning or objective that the company had prior to making the mistake.

Internal audit reports do not include any opinion of the auditor, instead it only includes the intended objectives, beliefs, and opinions of the company in question. Internal audit reports often include company policies, as well as how the company being audited is managed, a brief background of the company. Those who work as internal auditors have generally been auditing for a longer period of time and can remain completely bias to the situations at hand.

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