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Compliance Auditing

Compliance Auditing

Compliance auditing is done to receive a comprehensive understanding and documentation of whether or not a company is following set guidelines. During an audit compliance auditors will review security policies, risk management procedures, and user access controls.

Many aspects of a company can cause the compliance auditing to vary such as: if a company is public verses private, what type of work is done within the company, and if finical data is transmitted or stored within the company.

During an audit compliance, auditors will ask questions to determine who has started working with the company as well as who no longer works there, as well as if these individuals still have access to any files or if their ID’s were revoked upon them leaving the company.

Compliance auditing may also include using the use of computer software to determine any changes in the computer systems as well as to help track all documentations of the company.

An IT audit, or an information technology audit, generally goes hand in hand with audit compliance. During an IT audit, an auditor will examine the computers of a company to help determine if the company is safeguarding assets, maintain data integrity, and operating properly to obtain to goals of the company.

An IT audit is commonly referred to as and automated data processing audit. Since both compliance auditing and an IT audit deal with accessing a company’s computer information and files, it is vital for companies who rely on computer technology to undergo in either of these if need be.

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