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Home Energy Audit Explained

Home Energy Audit

Environmental auditing is a fairly new type of audit. When a person decides to partake in an environmental auditing, they are actually undergoing in a home energy audit. Energy audits make home more efficient and can allow individuals to evaluate how much energy is being used and/or wasted.

After completing a home energy audit, a person will be able to understand what areas of their home need to be adjusted in order to lower energy use. Energy audits and the follow up changes will help a person’s home to be more efficient, comfortable, and lower utility bills.

Environmental auditing can be done by an individual or done professionally. Either way, it may be suggested that a person uses different light bulbs, increases insulation, or changes the sizes of windows or doors so that they fit better.

A carbon credit is a certificate that allows the right to emit one ton of carbon dioxide. Carbon credits can be seen to accompany environmental auditing because they replace the use of carbon dioxide, and therefore better the environment.

A carbon credit uses the greenhouse gas emissions to drive industrial and commercial process to use lower emissions and less carbon dioxide. Many companies are partaking in this type of environmental auditing because they are interested in lowering their carbon footprint and promoting a cleaner, healthier environment.

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