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Minnesota Tax

Minnesota State Tax

FULL List to Minnesota Tax Forms

Individual Income Tax

Form M1 Individual Income Tax

Form M1 Individual Income Tax Printable

Form M1X Amended Minnesota Income Tax

Form UT1 Individual Use Tax Return

Corporate Income Tax

Form M8 S Corporation Return

Form M8X Amended S Corporation Return

Form M4 Corporation Franchise Tax Return

Sales Tax Forms

Form ST3 Certificate of Exemption

Property Tax Forms

Form M1PRX Amended Minnesota Property Tax Refund

Form M1PR 2011 Property Tax Refund

Form PV48 Amended Property Tax Refund Payment

When filing individual income taxes, it is important to be aware of the various types of Minnesota tax forms that exist. Examples of Minnesota tax forms include those for individual tax returns, working family credits, age 65 or older/disabled subtraction, amended income tax return payment, as well as a multitude of others.

Modifications and additions have also occurred in reference to individual filing, which will be highlighted below. Minnesota sales tax restrictions also present a significant area of interest as well as examination into lesser known taxes such as that of a "contamination tax."

When filling out Minnesota tax forms, it is important to be cognizant of new classifications depending upon the year. As of recently, individuals will be permitted to deduct monetary donations for Haiti relief efforts on their Minnesota tax forms and income tax returns.

In addition, individuals serving in the National Guard as well as Reserves may now add on "training pay" when filling out specified portions of their Minnesota tax forms. Another addition in connection to the such a role in service of the country is that of the "Military Spouses Residency Relief Act." This act sets forth that spouses of individuals on active duty be permitted to maintain their original state of residency despite their moving to reunite with their military spouse. This will be representative on Minnesota tax forms, especially when concerning specified areas concerning requirements for "nonresident spouses of military personnel."

When attempting to calculate Minnesota sales tax, you must be aware of the fact that differing locales possess equally distinct taxes. In general, you may acquire an accurate deduction of local Minnesota sales tax by first putting together the state tax rate and the specific local rate. Following this application of this combination rate will be put towards the sales price, which is then eventually rounded up to the nearest cent. Every retailer is legally required to collect Minnesota sales tax.

Local sales taxes depend upon the parameters of the specific location or municipality, and will then vary upon leaving those aforementioned regions of interest. Exemptions from local Minnesota sales tax include presentations of "Certificates of Exemption," shipping to customers outside of you local, selling of direct-to-home satellites that are only subject to state taxes. Those who do not incur any taxes whatsoever include federal government agencies and local governments such as cities and towns.

One example of a lesser known tax, in contrast to that of individual income taxes and Minnesota sales tax, is that of contamination tax. This tax encompasses all locales of Minnesota, and therefore, is identified as a state tax. It is applied to the "contamination value" of "real property." It does not actually exist when concerning that of personal property, such as individual items that may be easily moved.

This value is acquired by assessing the reduction of the property's value due to the existence of such contaminants. The contamination tax does not, however, make you eligible for property tax refunds since it is not classified as a property tax. Following adequate computations concerning the land and its pollutants, you will finally come to an appropriate contamination tax.

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