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Mississippi Tax

Mississippi State Tax

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According to Mississippi state tax law, there are specifications that exist in connection to various areas of everyday life. Mississippi state sales tax law dictates how the selling and procuring of goods are to occur under the legal requirements of the state.

In addition, Mississippi state tax law sets forth requirements attached to alcohol distribution and consumption as well as tax laws concerning aspects of nature. These varying areas of Mississippi state tax law provide an equally eclectic glimpse into the ways in which it functions as a southern member of the United States.

In relation to sales tax law, retailers maintain the statewide sales tax of 7% for their products sold. As this holds true in most cases, there do exist additional statutes that may specify otherwise, thus leading to certain exemptions. Sales taxes stem from examination of both "gross proceeds of sales" and "gross income" depending upon the category of business employed.

Prior to any company or individual setting forth in pursuit of selling goods within the state of Mississippi, parties must acquire a license or permit. Mississippi tax forms must be returned, filed, and paid by the due date specified by the "State Tax Commission." In contrast to other states, Mississippi state tax exists on wholesale sale as well as regular retail. This rate is placed upon the wholesale of alcohol. Items labeled as for actual consumption abide by an 8% wholesale Mississippi state tax.

With alcohol procurement, beer represents a particular area in which Mississippi state tax law concerns itself with. According to its regulations set forth, beer must not be composed of quantities exceeding 6% alcohol by volume. "Excise taxes" on such a beverage is congruent to about 43 cents per gallon, that of which is required to be maintained and sent in by the 15th of each calendar month. In order to sell beer in retail, application for a permit and license is required to be submitted to the appropriate district office.

If accepted, the yearly fee needed to maintain a beer permit is that of $30.00. Fees increase, however, the larger the distributor. Wholesale distributors must pay $100 every year in addition to each county they serve while manufacturers must purchase a permit for $1,000 for every area of business they take up within the state of Mississippi. Alcohol seems to represent a lucrative means for everyone involved, such as that of the state and the local retailers.

One other such Mississippi state tax, which refers to that of nature, is that of the "Timber Severance Tax." Mississippi requires that a "severance tax" be placed on every "timber product" produced and maintained there.

Rates vary depending upon qualifications such as type, amount, or weight of each timber product. Payments and returns mirror that of excise taxes on alcohol. These aspects of tax law represent the many dimensions that Mississippi residents have already come to expect and be quite familiar with.

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