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Missouri Tax

Missouri State Tax

FULL List to Missouri Tax Forms

Individual Income Tax Forms

Form MO-1040 Individual Income Tax Return Long Form

Form MO-1040 Individual Income Tax Return Printable

Corporate Income Tax Forms

Form MO-1120S Missouri S Corporation Income Franchise Tax Return

Form MO-1120 Missouri Corporation Income Franchise Tax Return

Sales Tax Forms

Exemption Form

Form 53-1 Sales Tax Return

Form 53-C Consumer's Use Tax Return

Form 53U-1 Use Tax Return

Property Tax Forms

Form MO-1040P Income Tax Return and Property Credit Tax Claim (Short Form)

Form MO-PTC Property Tax Credit Claim

Form MO-PTS Property Tax Credit

Missouri presents a state that, like most others, prescribes detailed specifications associated with tax law. Missouri tax forms may fall under 2 broad categories, which include personal tax forms, business tax forms and those deemed as miscellaneous.

Examples of personal tax forms include that of fiduciary tax and individual income tax, while business tax forms encompass that of corporation income tax and franchise tax, for instance. When pursuing the task of Missouri income tax related to individual person, one must know that such a tax is "progressive," where percentages are compensated based on income. In order to determine this, you may look no further than a tax table, which specifies what amounts you and a spouse may possess, then leading to what bracket you may fall under.

In addition, according to Missouri income tax law, there are specified individuals who must abide by "individual income tax compliance." These include: Missouri lawyers, state workers, individuals who are components of the General Assembly, the judicial branch, state officials, and those in possession of professional licenses from the state.

If any of these individuals are delinquent on the filing and payment of Missouri income taxes, consequences will vary depending upon which category they fall into. Lawyers risk immediate notification of the Supreme Court Clerk while those a part of the General Assembly, Judicial Branch, as well as state officials risk notification of departments of ethics, which may then lead to serious "disciplinary action."

Outcomes worsen even more the remaining two classifications as the delinquency of individuals who carry a professional license may lead to license suspension, while that of state employees risk outright termination. According to details associated with fiduciary tax, it is placed on commission amassed from an "estate or trust." Missouri income tax returns are to be returned by the following classifications: resident estates/trusts that file form 1041 and nonresident estates/trusts who accumulate $600 or more from within Missouri.

The distinction of business tax within Missouri encompasses various areas that deal with the financial aspects of the state. Corporation income tax stems from that of the whatever monetary considerations a corporation has amassed over the course of the year. This starts from "federal taxable income," which is included as a part of the Missouri income tax return. This must be compensated following the conclusion of one tax year in reference to that 12 month period.

Corporate franchise tax is what corporations must pay prior to doing any type of business within the state of Missouri. Despite its title including the term "franchise," it does not have any connection whatsoever to such organizations. Corporate franchise tax is calculated according to the greater of the two, either the "total assets" or "par value of issued and outstanding capital stock." It is based upon the first day of the tax year and include only those corporations whose assets go past that of the one million dollar plateau. The general rate is that of .000333.

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