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Harris County Tax Office

Harris County Tax Office

The Harris County Tax Office in Harris County, Texas, operates 15 branches offices throughout the greater Harris County area. These Harris County Tax Office locations are located around Houston, the county seat of Harris County.

The Harris County Tax has interactions with a broad spectrum of the residents of the state. Some of the individuals who will have contact with a Harris County Tax Office are any individual who owns a car, pays property taxes, or is registered to vote.

In order to make the interactions with these individuals, almost anyone in the county, operate as smoothly and conveniently as possible, The Harris County Tax Office is committed to a concept they call “Smart Government.”

This concept of “Smart Government” involves being held accountable to the taxpayers. In order to accomplish this goal, the Harris County Tax Office involves the combination of technology, efficiency, and customer service.

There are five hundred individuals employed in the Harris County Tax Office dedicated to modernizing the tax office to the latest standards. Some of these modernization efforts have included implementing new automobile registration and titling service and systems, new property tax services, and streamlined voter registration.

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