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New Jersey Tax Record

New Jersey Tax Record

For individuals looking to find New Jersey tax records, many counties and cities in the state make the NJ tax records searchable online. Moving the NJ tax records to an online data base has helped to increase the transparency associated with NJ tax records.

Following the transition to locate the state tax records in an online searchable data base, various counties in the state operate their own search portals to manage access to the tax records. The NJ tax records search portal operated by the Tax Office of Monmouth County allows individuals to browse the NJ tax records through three different varieties of filters:

· Across two data bases (through the Current Tax List/Owners List, or through the Deed List)

· By County,

· and by District, Borough, or City

The search results for the NJ tax records can then be separated in to an advanced or a simple search format.

The Output can take three formats:

· Single Line List Format,

· Multi Line List Format,

· or Excel File Format

The results can be sorted to display between ten and one thousand results per page.
Valid search criteria to sort the NJ tax records include

· Locations,

· Owner’s Name(s),

· Block,

· or Lot.

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