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New York State Tax

New York State Tax

In New York State, the NYS tax program and charges are administrated and collected by the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. Jamie Woodward is the Acting Commissioner of the Department of Taxation and Finance under Governor David A. Patterson.

The various NY state tax categories are:

·The alcoholic beverage tax,

· A beverage container tax,

· A boxing and wrestling exhibitions tax,

· A cigarette and tobacco products tax,

· A corporation tax,

· An estate tax,

·The IFTA fuel use tax,

· An income tax,

·A gasoline and motor fuel tax,

· A hazardous waste tax,

· A highway use tax,

· The Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility (MCTMT) tax,

· A mortgage recording tax,

· A New York City taxicab ride tax,

· A petroleum business tax,

· A real estate transfer tax,

· A sales and use tax,

· A stock transfer tax,

· And a withholding tax.
Recent revisions to NY state tax law have resulted in the repealing of the gift tax and the real property transfer gains tax.
In addition to overseeing NYS tax collection efforts, the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance also works closely with the Office of the Taxpayer Rights Advocate.

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