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Texas State Laws You Should Know

Texas State Laws

The new laws in Texas, that were passed in 2010, focus on tanning, tobacco, and taxes. In addition to these areas, changes in Texas state laws also refer to a home owner's liability in regards to a legislator's ability to rebuild damaged homes caused by hurricanes or natural disasters. The following provisions are considered the newest Texas State laws:

Nobody under the age of 16.5 can use or operate a tanning bed. Those between the ages of 16.5 and 18 must have a parent or guardian's permission to access a tanning bed.

New Texas state laws require every retailer (who sells cigarettes) to sell fire-safe cigarettes; those who still sell non-fire safe cigarettes will be fined up to $100 a pack.

State laws in Texas require that property appraisers must consider foreclosures and properties which have decreased in value when appraising property taxes.All owners of rental properties must install fire alarms for hearing impaired tenants upon request.

All college students must provide a doctor's note providing proof of receiving a vaccination for bacterial meningitis at least 10 days before attending school.

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