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Wake County Tax Records

Wake County Tax Records

Wake County tax records are tax records from the state of North Carolina. Wake County, North Carolina has transitioned many of its tax records to an online data base.

While the Wake County Revenue Department made the Wake County tax records available online, it also made it possible for residents and businesses in the 14 municipalities and related service districts to search real estate listings and tax bills through their online data base, pay their tax bills online, view revenue data, browse online business listings, and find foreclosures in Wake County.

The physical Wake County tax records are still maintained at One Bank of America Plaza, 421 Fayetteville St., Suite 200, in the state capital, Raleigh.

In addition to managing the Wake County tax records, the Wake County Revenue Department also answers questions about property valuation and assessments, real estate taxes, motor vehicle taxes, and business property listings.

The Revenue Department also works closely with the Register of Deeds, who in turn is able to answer related questions about real estate deeds, legal document recordings, marriage licenses, birth records, death records, and notary oaths.

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