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Finding the Right Tax Law Attorney

Tax Law Attorney

Taxpayers may wonder if and when they will need the services of tax law attorneys. There are several circumstances in which it would be beneficial to have a tax law lawyer. There are many reasons for needing a tax law attorney and not every case involves the necessity of a defense against accusations made by the IRS. For example, estate planning should always involve the advice of a tax law lawyer. The best way to avoid losing a large portion of an estate to taxes, is to consult a tax law attorney. This should be done at the beginning stages of estate planning, as it is too late to reduce the tax burden once the benefactor has passed away. Although tax law lawyers can also be helpful when the estate is distributed to the beneficiaries, to ensure compliance with state and Federal tax law. There are also many benefits of hiring tax law lawyers to help in tax planning for new businesses, especially companies that conduct business across state or international borders. Conversely, there are cases in which taxpayers need tax law lawyers to help defend themselves against accusations from the IRS. Taxpayers that are accused of tax fraud, or are under investigation, should certainly seek the services of tax law lawyers. It is best to secure the services of tax law attorneys as soon as it becomes clear that there is an issue. The longer the taxpayer waits to seek help, the more difficult it may be to rectify the situation.

There are occasions where taxpayers may find that they need a tax law attorney to help them defend themselves against accusations from the IRS. In fact, issues with the IRS are quite serious and tax law attorneys can be vital to a successful defense. For example, some taxpayers may find themselves charged with tax fraud. Whether or not a taxpayer hired someone to do their taxes, or if they did them themselves, the case should be considered a serious one. The implications of tax fraud accusations, can involve criminal charges, as well as back taxes and fines. An experienced tax law lawyer can help taxpayers to understand the charges, the possible consequences of being found guilty and the best way to address the charges. Tax law Lawyers have experience in defending tax cases and are adept at the intricacies involved in tax law.

In some instances, taxpayers may revisit the accountant that prepared their taxes. This practice is not advised, as it could have serious consequences. For example, information shared with CPAs is not entitled to privilege and they could be forced to divulge damaging information during the court case. However, a tax law lawyer can speak freely with clients and they will never be forced to provide evidence from conversations that could aid the prosecution. In addition, tax law attorneys are generally more knowledgeable about the details involved in each tax law. While CPAs have a basic knowledge and understanding of tax law, a tax law attorney will be better able to defend their clients and find any available loopholes in the law. For accountants, the application of tax law will be very different than that of a tax law attorney. The tax law attorney will better utilize differing tax laws in order to provide a defense, rather than viewing the law as it applies when filing taxes. In some cases, tax law attorneys are also Certified Public Accountants and these types of attorneys have the most knowledge regarding tax law.

Whatever the reason for needing a tax law attorney, clients should research their tax law attorney carefully before making a selection. The best tax law attorneys are those with experience in the clients specific type of case. It is also helpful to have tax law attorney that is also a certified Public accountant. Taxpayers may find that they need the services of a tax law attorney to help with tax planning for issues such a estate planning, business taxes and gifts to family. In that case, the tax law attorney should be experienced in those areas and tax planning should take place as soon as possible. Conversely, there are tax law attorneys that specialize in defending clients against accusations by the IRS. Those tax law attorneys will be better adept at tax laws as they apply to criminal charges. In either case, the selection of tax law attorney should be given careful consideration by the client. The success of defending a taxpayers against charges by the IRS, can depend greatly on the experience of the tax law lawyer.

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