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What are Toll Booths?

Toll Booth

A toll booth is a common fixture that can be found on many major highways, and at the beginning or end of certain infrastructures, like bridges and tunnels. Toll booths are small buildings that are put in a line in front of an entrance, exit, or in the middle of the road. This is where the tolls that are charged for using a particular road are collected.

There are various types of toll booths that can be found; there are toll booths that house workers; these workers are the individuals who physically collect the toll or fee from an individual and can give the person change back. Often these booths will have protective glass, and be fairly enclosed, in order to offer protection to the individual working in the booth.

There are also toll booths that can house individuals, but have a funnel-like receptacle on the side which is used for the filtering of money; this type of toll booth can be used by individuals who have the correct amount of change.

However, one of the more popular toll booth options that travellers have been using is one that requires an E-Z pass, or other electronic transponder. These toll booths do not have physical workers in them.

Instead, they have a sensor that is used to scan the transponder placed in an individual’s car. The transponder links the information back to an account that is charged the toll’s fee. In some instances two or more of these methods can be used in the same tolling area.

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