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Definition of a Toll House

Toll House

A toll house is similar to a toll booth; it is an infrastructure that was created to house a toll collector. Often it is made up of strong glass, and sturdy walls; this structure is to keep the toll collector protected from the weather, and other elements that could pose a threat to the individual.

Often a toll house is considered to be a singular entity; these types of toll houses can be found in the middle of an entrance and exit area, like in those getting into a facility or a parking garage.

In some instances, there is the necessity to take a ticket from the toll house, and hold on to it, until the end of time at the particular place; upon leaving, a fee is paid at the toll house.

However, there are also toll houses that can be found on roadways or before structures like bridges and tunnels. These are also areas where toll collectors work, and are used as collection centers for their specific area. In some instances, there is a toll house at the end of a row of toll booths; this is where the money is deposited once the tolls are emptied out at specific points during the day or the night.

Overall, a toll house is simply a structure that is used as a collection hub for tolls that are charged on specific roadways, or places where facilities are charged for use throughout the day.

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