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The Job of a Tax Consultant

Tax Consultant

Tax consultants can be sought after as sources for tax advice as may arise in the course of an individual’s effort to fulfill his or her obligations for tax payments of various kinds in the legal context of the United States. The profession given over to tax consultants can accordingly be referred to as an effective and verified source of tax advice. People living in the U.S. may wish therefore to refer to the offices, or to the online homepage, of the organization given over the network of people in this profession, that of the National Association of Tax Consultants.

On the Tax Consultants website, the organization provides a listing of the various kinds of professionals as can be referred to for verified tax advice. Most relevantly and specifically, people can refer to the services of Licensed Tax Consultants, identified by the acronym, again according to the Tax Consultants National Association, LTC. Moreover, tax advice can also be secured from the registered source of a LTP, or Licensed Tax Preparer.

Alternately, people may wish, for reasons of convenience or otherwise, to go for tax advice to professionals authorized and trained to act as tax consultants, but with additional areas of expertise. In this regard, such professional sources for tax advice can be considered to include a nationally registered and recognized Enrolled Agent, or EA, a Certified Public Accountant, or CPA, a Certified Financial Planner, or CFP, an Accountant (Acct), and an Attorney (Atty). The National Association of Tax Consultants allows dispensers of tax advice to be listed.

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