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Saving Time and Paper with E-Filing


aE-filing is the term for electronically filing, or submitting an individual’s or company’s income tax return from tax preparation software directly to the IRS through the use of the internet.

When a person sends their taxes through the use of e-filing, the taxes are completed and ready for approval by the government. Most tax preparation software companies, such as Turbo Tax and Tax Cut, off an e-file option.

When a person chooses to take advantage of the e-file option, there taxes will be sent automatically to the IRS, because of this e-filing has certainly sped up the process of filing for taxes and waiting for a tax refund. E-filing allows the data that has been entered to go directly to the IRS computers.

In previous years, an IRS worker would manually enter information that an individual had submitted. Later on this technique advanced, and an IRS worker would scan the submitted document into the computer. Either by human entry, or scanning, both techniques caused for many errors; e-filling allows very little human error.

When a person chooses to e-file their taxes they are submitting information about their taxes, credit cards, and bank accounts over the internet. Although this can sound dangerous, it is very unlikely that this private information can be stolen because e-filed taxes cannot be read by anyone until it enters the IRS computer software.

E-filing is a safe and effective way to get taxes submitted quickly, and a tax return back in a prompt manner.

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