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Intuit Payroll Software

Intuit Payroll

Amongst the many software options intuit produces, a popular purchase is Intuit Quicken. Intuit Quicken is payroll software which allows for companies to enter information about individual employees to figure out how much each will be making.

This intuit payroll software has many features such as: viewing accounts in one location, track money, organize and categorize expenses, easy setup, provides ways to save, and shows tracking of items individuals are saving for.

Intuit Quicken generally costs around $60.00 for the basic version and can range anywhere up to $149.00 for the highest version. Intuit Quicken can be purchased on line or in an office supply or computer software store. Intuit Quicken can be purchased and downloaded directly off the website or purchased on disc format. Since Quicken is an Intuit payroll service, the information added can easily be transferred and linked to other Intuit products such as Turbo Tax or Quick Books.

Information can also be transferred easily with the Microsoft Money program. When an individual purchases Intuit Quicken they can receive updates regularly as well as a precise and helpful customer support team.

When looking to purchase a payroll software, such as Quicken, it is important to compare the different features and prices that are available in the different software versions. These features may vary therefore it may be vital to choose a different version if an individual is looking to do something in particularly.

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