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Make Life Easier with Tax Act

Tax Act

Tax Act is tax preparation software that allows tax payers to prepare, print, and file their taxes on their home computer. Tax Act software programs are generally cheaper than other tax preparation competitors. Tax Act, although cheaper, is compared to its competitors, such as Turbo Tax and Tax Cut on the same level.

The Tax Act software itself is free of charge and it includes a federal tax return option, and a federal e-file option, as well as 1 free additional federal return and federal e-file. Tax Act offers a state return at a minimal $14 and a state e-file at the low price of $8. If individuals wish to file for extra state and federal tax returns as well as extra e-files price still remain low and can range anywhere from $14 to $22.

Tax Act software provides audit assistance, videos on how to use the software, e-filing, easy printing and preview options. For individuals who have purchased Tax Act 2008, updates are available to keep the software up to date and to allow their taxes to be properly filed.

Tax Act 2008 software and newer also provides tax help as well customer service for software questions. Tax Act is easy to navigate, efficient, and clear to understand.

Using Tax Act software can lessen the time it takes to file taxes as well as limit the amount of mistakes that could be made by manually writing the information in tax booklets. Tax Act can also help speed up the process of submitting due to the e-file option.

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