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Turbo Tax Free Edition Software

Turbo Tax Free Edition

Turbo Tax free edition is commonly used by many tax preparers. Although the free turbo tax software does not offer what the complete software does, it does allow for basic features of turbo tax to be used.

The free Turbo Tax edition can be downloaded off of Turbo Tax’s website, and instantly used. By using the free Turbo Tax and individual may consider purchasing the complete version for the upcoming years taxes.

The Turbo Tax fee edition includes:

· Easy to understand questions to help fill out proper forms

· Skips questions that do not apply to individual to save time

· Guarantees maximum refund possible

· Downloaded audit support center in case the IRS wishes to undergo in an audit

· Saves progress to allow for complete flexibility

· Can enter information about different benefits, wages, and incomes· Trial period

· Allows for information to be upgraded into other Turbo Tax software

· Live customer support about any tax and software questions and concerns

· File an amendment to already filed taxes

· Checks for errors

· Up to date with latest tax laws and regulations

· Option to preview before filing

· Free e-filing option to speed up process of tax return

Turbo Tax coupons can be found on different website. Typically a Turbo Tax coupon will come in the form of a promotional code that can be entered upon checking out of the website when making a purchase of Turbo Tax software.

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