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Road Tax at a Glance

Road Tax

The road tax is known by different names in some jurisdictions, but the tax is applied to a vehicle before it can be driven on the roads. For example, most states require that individuals pays a registration fee for their vehicle on a yearly basis and that fee is considered a road tax.

Each state may apply the road tax differently. For example, some states apply a tax on a per vehicle basis, such as Virginia. Whereas other states may apply an additional tax at the time that vehicle is registered and that fee may be divided among local municipalities. There are also states which charge road tax prices according to the weight of the vehicle. Many times individuals can pay their road tax online.

In fact, paying a road tax online can be done at the same time that an individual registers the vehicle in most states. Road tax prices will be broken down on a spread sheet or the state may calculate the tax and send a bill to each person, based on the vehicles they have registered.

The Driver Licences Vehicle Agency may also apply a separate DVLA road tax which is applied after the registration fee is paid. The DVLA road tax is used to fix roads and for maintaining roads in that jurisdiction. In fact, road projects will often include a large percentage of funding which comes directly from the road tax.

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What is Road Tax? What is Road Tax?