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The Role of a Tax Collector

Tax Collector

Tax collector b/g

Tax collectors in the United States come under the administrative heading of the Internal Revenue Service, or IRS. In this way, an appointed tax collector will be part of the wider framework and context of the Department of the Treasury. In all, the IRS has 106,000 tax collectors who have been empowered for such activities as tax collection within the United States. A tax collector is empowered through the Internal Revenue Code (IRC).

Orange County Tax Collector

The Orange County Tax Collector as of 2010 was an office which also fulfilled the further functions of acting as the Treasurer for this county of the state of California. Orange County Tax Collector and Treasurer Chriss E. Street, the acting official appointed to this post, allows for various functions related to tax payment to be fulfilled online as include the Payment of Multiple Parcels and the need to Estimate Supplemental Taxes.

Riverside County Tax Collector

The Riverside County Tax Collector has been tasked with carrying out the duties falling under this rubric for the interests and needs of this county in the state of California. In the 2010 period, the Riverside County Tax Collector post had been relegated to one Don Kent, selected by local government in accordance with his general history of proven expertise in the arena of tax collection, as well as the additional duty of Treasurer.

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