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A Full Guide to Tolls


A toll is a fee that is charged in any number of situations; it can be used in roadways, telephone calls, and other services that are necessary for business or travel.

Toll Background

A toll is a fee that is placed on something; often tolls are used in conjunctions with roadways and travel-necessary infrastructures like a bridge or a tunnel. When it comes to roadway tolls, there are often different methods of charging, and certain types of vehicles can incur heavier fees that others.

Toll Roads

There are many different types of toll roads that can be found throughout the world. Toll roads are roads in which fees are paid at various points in the road. This can be at the entrance of a roadway, the middle, and even without ever physically handing money to a toll collector. Often this money is used to pay for road repairs, or maintenance.

Toll Free

Toll free means “without a fee”; this is often used in conjunction with toll free calls, and numbers used for businesses. Toll free numbers can be acquired through various sources, and offer a wide range of networks and help in order to establish a free calling set up.

Toll Booth

A toll booth is a small collection facility in which tolls are paid at; these can be manned by tax collectors, have small collection receptacles, or can be completely electronic. Furthermore, they can be found in a number of different areas regarding roadways.

Toll Holdings

Toll Holdings is a company that acquires freight of various kinds, in order to sell the freight capacity to other businesses and industry. This is a way in which businesses can do shipping and various other types of business without incurring serious toll charges, and various other fees.

Toll House

A toll house is a facility that is used as a collection agency for tolls. In some cases, this can be a stand-alone facility, while in other areas it is adjacent to the toll booths. This is where tickets and collections can often be taken up.

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